The “Human-Video-Game Achievement” Program

Human Achievement Program

Ever since I was a child I have been playing video games. In recent years, video games have taken a drastic turn. The graphics have become incredibly better some now supporting legitimate 3D capabilities, the sound is realistic, and with online play we now have the ability to play video games with anyone at any time. But within the past couple years the concept of the “Achievement” has shown up.

Anyone who has played any Xbox, Playstation 3, or online games like World of Warcraft should be very familiar with this idea: accomplish a specific task in the game, and then you are rewarded with a global statement say that you completed such-and-such act. This is a great way to keep players interested in your game at long periods of time. A personal example of mine: for the past couple of months I have been playing World of Warcraft. That game has what seems like thousands of different achievements a player can try and accomplish. Some range from the simplest of simple such as “Catch 5 Fish,” but there are some that could take months to complete such as “Killing Deathwing on Heroic Mode” (this was just accomplished on the Borean Tundra serve a few weeks ago). What really makes these accomplishments so interesting is that, say there is a character right next to mine and I have no idea what he has accomplished in the game. He has terrible gear, but he has 90% of the achievements completed where as I only have 10%. That guy plays a whole hell-of-a-lot more then I do, and he does not need to tell me since his achievements say it for him. That person must have spent a very large portion of their life trying to achieve that goal, but for me, I just don’t understand why they would do that over something else, like, say, learning to play the guitar.

As much as I love I see them as being the destruction of the human mind (or soul whatever you want to call it) because we are accomplishing nothing and something at the same time. And with this new achievement system that has been adopted by video games releasing oneself from the grasp of the gaming world is near impossible. I had an idea, why not create an “Achievement System” for the real world. Many of us struggle with trying to improve ourselves through things like running, playing a musical instrument, or just eating right, but sometimes we trip up because we forget why we are doing these things. This project is geared towards those who really were never into sports and do not have trophies or medals hanging from their wall, or those who were geniuses and have diplomas in their office; this project is more for the regular Joe’s just trying to make a change in their lives, so that maybe in the end they can help make positive changes in other people lives.

This blog will be the culmination of ideas for this process. Hopefully we will be able to discover a method that will help people feel rewarded for the effort they make for themselves.

**Over the next couple of weeks I will be trying to devise a system to where people can receive those achievements for bettering themselves.**


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