Already on Hiatus

Poems and Running Shoes

I am already needing to put this blog on hiatus. School is just so hectic right now that, I — I don’t even know where to start. I am going to post a poem I wrote the other day after I finished some of my homework:

What Doth the Heavens do Protest!?

When time is stolen from the world,

When the moon doth rob the day of its noon,

Leaving the few with little left to do.

Lone, desolation on this rock,

Similar isolation within the heart;

With bloody hands and feet do shine,

Leaving those to find the divine.

Bloody sand blowing in the wind

At the bottom of the wood planted in

The barren, scorched rocks of earth;

The barren, blotted minds of cruelty,

Pricked in the forehead by judgement of others.

The pacification when two lines meet,

When two stories fall apart,

And leaving the world in catharsis;

With a sense of relief through others pain,

And a sense of disbelief without resign.


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