A Moment of Clarity

I Just had a moment of clarity (not the AA-type mind you).

I was philosophizing one day to an ex-girlfriend of mine (I am sure most girls would rather gouge their eyes with ice pickers) about life and how people need to walk with their heads held high. And why would I say something like that? “Because we are here, and we are alive. We have finite time here and we need to make the best of it!” Sure, the usual stuff you hear from self help books and what not, but she replied to me, “Life is not like that. Life is real and difficult, painful and sadistic to the point of no return. In the real world, Shane, no one cares about those ideas. They work great in college, but in the real world they matter not!”

I know now why those ideas don’t matter in this world. It is because we do not allow others to philosophize, to day dream out loud, tell us our dreams with sincerity, to allow the the quick to speak out, or whatever you believe is holding people back from allowing their minds to be expressed in a corporal way. This world may not be loving or understanding, it may be a cruel chimera design to torture us, it may even be the hell prophesied by so many religions, whatever it is, it should not have the power to suppress the minds that need to speak, and it should not suppress those voices already shouting.

For those of you who read this: when you can, allow those around you to discuss their beliefs, and ask them how they would feel if you questioned those beliefs.


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