My Video Game Script

Been dieing to write a script for a video game ever since I was in High School. So I figure, since I am about to graduate, why not try one now. I just wrote this up tonight. If anyone reads this I hope they enjoy it 🙂 The style was taken from a Final Fantasy script.

Start of SCENE 1

– Historical Pastoral Village – Lacasteria

(Start Screen with Choices: Start, Options. Background is a small wooden house with people working outside: lifting hay, shoveling, etc. The sky is a luscious blue with no clouds and a slight breeze. Upon pressing the start button, or choosing Start, screen pans back and begins to circle around the small house. The camera the shifts and pulls towards the back of the house where a young boy, age 7-9, is practice with his sword. His father, presumably 28-32 years in age is giving him instructions. Place the camera at an angle showing both the boy and the father)

Old Man: Good, keep that up. Maybe one day you’ll be like you Uncle Lancaster and join the Royal Army.
Young Boy: Can I take a break yet; I’m getting hungry!
Old Man: That’s fine. Make sure to sheath the sword before you head inside. And, let your mother know I will be in there in a minute. I am going to go check up on you sister, and see how she is faring with the hay.
Young Boy: ‘kay Dad!

Boy runs off into the house.
Exit Boy and Dad
**(Player gains control of the old man, and is given tips on how to control him)

Dad: I need to go over to the front and see if I can’t find Sheila.

 **(Player runs Old Man to Shelia)
Enter Shelia and Dad

Shelia: Hey Dad, how goes everything?
Dad: Just teaching Yurik in the back how to properly use a sword. You need any help loading that hay onto the cart?
Shelia: Wouldn’t hurt.

Shelia begins to laughs. Just then, at that moment, near the road in front of the house, and behind them, a flurry of horses carrying Knights of the Royal Army come storming by and create a half circle around Dad and Shelia.
Enter 4-5 Soldiers all heavily armed
 Soldier: Are you Ex-Captain Fortiori of the Special Operations Brigade Unit 3?

Dad: That’s me, but I just go Chalice now; what is the meaning of this intrusion soldier?
Lt. Arvarigus: Lt. Arvarigus, sir; I have been given an order to escort you to the Royal Highness. He says needs your presence urgently.
Chalice: Like I told you soldier I…

Chalice looks off into the distance and notices that another Veteran from the Royal Army that has been residing in Lacasteria is being escorted back as well.

Chalice: (Aside) Hm—something’s strange…
Alright; let me saddle my horse, gather my gear, and then I will be ready to leave; should only be ‘bout half an hour.
Lt. Arvarigus: Thank you sir.
Chalice: When do you suppose I will be able to return home?
Lt. Arvarigus: His Royal Highness say that you should be back before the sun rises tomorrow morning.

Chalice’s wife comes running out to see what the commotion is.

Chalice’s Wife: What is the meaning of this? Don’t you know that he retired!? He does not need to fight for you or the kind any longer!
Lt. Arvarigus: Madam, we understand this, all the king needs is to talk with the Ex-Captain.
Chalice: Sweetheart, go back inside and grab my gear will ya. I need to have a quick word with Shelia

Wife runs back inside. Chalice saddles the horse and then walks over to Shelia and gives her a big bear hug.

Chalice: I sense something’s wrong. There is a spare pistol in the underneath the side of my bed, where the latch is. If anything should happen while I am gone make sure to grab a hold of that and try to protect your mother and brother.
Shelia: What are you talking about father!?
Chalice: Just do as I say, ‘kay?
Shelia: A-alright… but Dad…!

Chalice heads back over to the soldiers, wife meets him there with his sword, pistol, and buckler, and finally saddles-up on the horse.

Chalice: They said I will be back first thing tomorrow morning, so make sure to have some of you delicious cooking, ‘kay Kasey?
Kasey: Um-hum… just be safe.

Chalice and soldiers ride of towards the North. Shelia walks over to Kasey.
Exit Chalice and Soldiers
Shelia: What do you suppose this is all about?

Kasey: I—I don’t know. Seems so strange for them to come out here, out of know where, without any warning; I—I just don’t understand. It would have left me with a different feeling if he hadn’t been acting so weird.

Exit Shelia and Kasey
Fade out scene.

End of SCENE 1


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