Anti-thesis of the Beloved

The Heart aches as the eyes begin to swell.
The Heart still leaps at the sound of your name, the thought of your voice, the possibility to redeem.
The Heart creates thoughts of timelessness and moments of uncertainty.
The Heart leaves those wondering if what they did was correct.
The Heart is a forgiveness generator.

The Mind is a constant battle for the present and past life.
The Mind wants to look into the future, yet it can only see so far as its eye will allow it.
The Mind thinks it knows all the answers, and pities the heart for its ignorance.
The Mind is a decision generator.

All that was done was to pacify the self.
All that was done has been done once before.
All that was done cannot be corrected.

The Loved Ones are oblivious!
The Loved Ones fell into oblivion…

The heart and mind will never forgive all that was done to The Loved Ones.


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