Sitting in the back seat of her car, Evalin couldn’t help but notice the stain Carter left. To her, this was just another night down town; and she was unsure what this night meant to him, if it meant anything at all. The expectations of something interesting happening in her town, besides the unexpected sensation of vomit from her lovers, has struck her more than once since she moved out to Vegas. This short-running, new boyfriend of her’s seemed like a catch at first, but the back seat of her Toyota looked to disagree with her. It has only been three months since they’ve started dating, and the frustration Carter creates in her is, at moments, immense. The constant thought that she has always dated guys like this runs through her thoughts like wind running through leaves. Carter is not a bad guy, he tries his best, he would never let anything bad happen to me–she thinks during the quick moments of anxiety; but Evalin’s anxiety is not directly related with Carter, but instead with her father.


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