Back from my Hiatus

Well, I am back from my short hiatus, and I brought along a friend I’d like you all to meet: Bachelors of Arts in English.

As I would guess it with most college grad’s, I am a bit burnt out right now, and I am just relaxing for the next few days. But, as is my custom on this blog, here is an awesome achievement for myself.

As soon as I am rested and ready to start my transition into the “real” world (scare quotes), I will post all the achievements that I have accumulated over the past month. Surprisingly, it is quite a bit.

Oh, I cant wait!

Till next time, ta-ta



Anti-thesis of the Beloved

The Heart aches as the eyes begin to swell.
The Heart still leaps at the sound of your name, the thought of your voice, the possibility to redeem.
The Heart creates thoughts of timelessness and moments of uncertainty.
The Heart leaves those wondering if what they did was correct.
The Heart is a forgiveness generator.

The Mind is a constant battle for the present and past life.
The Mind wants to look into the future, yet it can only see so far as its eye will allow it.
The Mind thinks it knows all the answers, and pities the heart for its ignorance.
The Mind is a decision generator.

All that was done was to pacify the self.
All that was done has been done once before.
All that was done cannot be corrected.

The Loved Ones are oblivious!
The Loved Ones fell into oblivion…

The heart and mind will never forgive all that was done to The Loved Ones.

A New (Old) Jam!

Hi to the Unpeeps! (those who do not follow this bodacious blog)

Got a new tune I wanted to post. Classes are crazy right now, but I have only 7 days till I am out of dis biznotch! So excited about that 🙂 Well, enjoy the small jam.

Just Posting New Achievement

Hi everyone, Shane here,

Today is an exciting day for your dear, old friend Shane. So, as most of you can see, I have received another achievement today: Musical Megalomaniac. But that is not why today is so exciting; why today is so exciting is because I have the frame work to my first song. And I am going to post the chords on the site just in case I lose the sheet it is written on. So, without further ado, let me introduce:

Until I Sleep by Shane Grayson

Intro: C Am C G (Easy strum to hear all strings)
Verse 1: Em C G D x4 (Different strumming pattern for 3rd and 4th bar)
Chorus 1: C Am C Em/D x2 (Last Chord on 2nd bar changes to G; that is not a Em/G slash chord)
Verse 2: Em C G D x4 (Different strumming pattern for 3rd and 4th bar)
Chorus 2: C Am C Em/D x2 (Last Chord on 2nd bar changes to G; that is not a Em/G slash chord)
Outro: Em C G D/G (Play first four through 1 bar then end with G for final bar and let it fade out)

Exciting huh!? I can’t wait to practice this a bit more, record it, and the post it so everyone can hear it. Till next time, ta-ta.

Possibly Posting Something Listenable?


Just wanted to post some music. I think I was planning on doing this earlier, so here it is:


Forgot Original Reason, but Making Headway

ImageImageImageImageI forgot my original reason for coming Imageon to post tonight. I was planning on posting something, but now I cannot think of what that was. What happened was–I got stuck looking at my achievement list and the achievements I have accomplished since my last post. And as you can probably see, I have been kind of busy recently. But, once I remember what I was planning on posting I will get right on it; it was going to be something good, oh, I do hope I remember.

A New Addition to the Family (Blog)

What I have decided to do for this blog is to turn it into a video game review journal. I, of course, will still be ranting and raving about nonsensical dribble from time to time and posting my Achievements, but I think this route will give the blog a little boost in reader ship; plus I am looking to becoming a video game reviewer. Well see how this goes; I know journalism is difficult field to enter, but I will never know until I try. Well, if anyone ever has any advice on writing reviews pass ’em this way!